The city never sleeps. Do you?

If you are up to experience the well-known nightlife of Thessaloniki then your suitcase is at the right place. Go out at night and fill it with unforgettable experiences.

On the one hand, if you decide not to walk more than 100 meters, you are at the right place; the neighborhood is full of fancy cafés, restaurants, street food and bars. Zefxidos street is only 60 meters away from SUITCASE and at the end of it you will find Iktinou’s street. These two small pedestrian streets are known for the alternative cafés and bars and recently for the good street-food.

On the other hand, if you decide to go a little bit further, two are the districts where you can have fun until dawn. The first one is the legendary district of Ladadika. A former decadent area that was restructured in the early nineties.The old buildings gained vivid colours and the roads were paved with stones. This is the place where you can find almost everything. From the glorious souvlaki to famous restaurants and from loud clubs to quiet bistros.

Northern of Ladadika is the Valaoritou district. Many years ago this was a place with high commercial activity but more recently this neighborhood looked abandoned. Nowadays, it is thought to be the city’s new hotspot. Bars, restaurants, cafes are located in these small streets and music for all tastes can be found here. You can wander around this area for hours and discover all the fun the city can give to you in grey urban colours and neon lights.

If Thessaloniki’s spirit keeps you up until morning don’t forget to eat the famous “bougatsa” or the humble but delicious “koulouri Thessalonikis”. The return to the hotel is no longer than 15 minutes on foot. Have fun!

Going Around

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