Be traditional at the beginning of the day

When it comes to food, one could tell that Thessaloniki is a small treasure. From morning until late at night you will be easily able to find a place where you can enjoy good food. During your stay, if you want to live like a local you should embrace the motto of the city “Halara” which means relax and take your time.

At the beginning of your day in Thessaloniki, to have your morning coffee could last for hours. Thessaloniki is the city with the most cafés per inhabitant than any other city in Europe. Choose an area with a nice view, going up hills or at the seafront, or mingle with locals in the city and discover the urban vibes at a stylish café . Take your time drinking your coffee and if you want someone to believe that you are truly a Thessalonian order a “frappe” coffee, a kind of instant cold or hot coffee that was firstly introduced at the International Fair of Thessaloniki many decades ago.

There are two main types of local breakfasts. The first one is the famous and very healthy “koulouri Thessalonikis” a kind of bagel with sesame that is traditionally made here which can be bought from an outdoor salesmen, a bakery or even a coffee shop. Try it with a piece of feta cheese or choose one of the ready made variations of it.
The second option you have is the fabulous “bougatsa” which is a northern kind of pie traditionally filled with a sweet cream or cheese. If you choose the sweet version of it don’t forget to ask for powder sugar and cinnamon on top. You can find a shop which sells it almost everywhere.

Of course, if you are looking for more options such as an international kind of breakfast, you can easily find a restaurant serving anything you desire, from a simple toast to a rich brunch.

Tip: If the weather allows it, take your coffee and breakfast in hand, find the perfect spot along the seafront to sit and enjoy.

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