Are you ready for a walk to Ano Poli?

Put your sneakers on and begin your adventurous walk to Ano Poli (Upper Town). As soon as you leave SUITCASE you can start walking up the road and continuing in that direction you will see many famous attractions of the city such as the Galerious’ Arch, Rotunda and Kemal Ataturk’s Museum.

Step by step you will realise that you are leaving the noisy city center and you are approaching what is called Ano Poli. The setting is changing and the stone paved roads along with the unique Macedonian style buildings will make you feel the vibes of the old town. You can easily get lost into this small labyrinth formed by narrow streets but if you are lucky or well prepared you will discover many wonderful places such as the church of Saint Nicolas the Orphan and Moni Vlatadon, both UNESCO World Heritage monuments. Don’t miss the turn that will lead you to the street where you can walk alongside the old city walls. At the end of this road you can find many taverns and cafés with a panoramic view where you can rest for a while so as to be able to continue walking until you reach the Trigoniou Tower (Pirgos Trigoniou). This is the place with a breathtaking view of the city and the place where you will fall in love with Thessaloniki.

You could end your little trip here but if you are in the right mood and you still have the endurance to explore the city walls a little bit more you should visit the Eptapyrgio (or Yedi Koule), a place strongly attached to the city’s modern history.

The return to your SUITCASE is much easier and you always have the option to use public transportation.

Going Around

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